Handling Traffic Violations in Ohio and Kentucky

Criminal Defense Attorney Passionately Protecting Clients In Ohio And Kentucky

Aggressive Defense Against Government Injustice.

Effective Negotiation When Mistakes Are Made.

The United States Constitution says that every person convicted of a crime is "Innocent Until Proven Guilty." Unfortunately the mentality of the 24-hour news cycle is if you're charged, you must be guilty. Most people can't understand how "holy" the presumption of innocence is until they see the blue lights in their rear-view mirror and a police officer changes their life forever. Obviously, a simple traffic ticket wouldn't be that dramatic, but you get the point.

Whether it's a traffic violation - a misdemeanor offense - or a serious felony charge, being convicted of any violation can have serious implications. With criminal charges, your very freedom is at stake. With traffic charges your insurance rates, possibly your privilege to drive and even your employment are at stake.

In most cases, the initial decision is made by the police officer who writes up the complaint or ticket. Too frequently police officers make arrests after only listening to one side of the story (not yours) or because they're managing a speed trap. Sometimes you've just made a mistake and you need someone to help navigate the government justice system for the best plea available.

My Experience Can Be Your Strongest Ally Against Criminal Charges

No matter the severity of your criminal charges, you need a lawyer who provides an aggressive defense against government injustice or an effective negotiation when a plea is the best option.

I have been an Ohio and Kentucky criminal/traffic defense lawyer for over five years. Prior to becoming an attorney, I was in corporate business management. I try to communicate with my clients in terms they can understand, not confusing legalese. A clear understanding of your options will help you make better and more informed decisions.

You can trust me to provide exceptional criminal defense to clients on charges ranging from weapons under disability and trafficking drugs to OVI, speeding, and other traffic violations.

Protecting Your Rights in Ohio and Kentucky

Representing you means much more to me than just a professional relationship. I care about my clients and you can feel confident knowing I will help you find every option available for the best defense or best plea when it comes to your case.

I am prepared to help you or a loved one resolve any of the following criminal defense issues:

  •     Speeding
  •     Failure to Obey a Traffic Signal (Sign, Line or Device)
  •     DUI/OVI Charges
  •     Driving Under Suspension
  •     Reckless Driving
  •     Other Driver's License Issues
  •     Domestic violence and other assaults
  •     Weapon Charges (Disability, CCW etc.)
  •     Drug Possession and/or Drug Trafficking
  •     Theft and Forgery
  •     Robbery/Burglary
  •     All Misdemeanor Offenses
  •     Probation, judicial release, expungements and relief from disability

A Dedicated And Accessible Defense Lawyer Representing Clients In Ohio And Kentucky

The success of your case depends on hiring an attorney who listens to you and provides the best result for your situation. Regardless of whether you face time in prison, or jail, or fines and points deducted from your license, I will ensure that your rights are protected and your defense is on target. You do not need to go through this alone; I will provide the dedication and aggressive defense you need when defending yourself against the Government.

The information you obtain at this site is not, nor is it intended to be legal advice. You should consult an attorney for advice regarding your individual situation.

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