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Following 10 years of exceptional performance in running a large corporate call center facility, I decided to make a career change and graduated from Salmon P. Chase College of Law in 2007. While in law school, I worked at an organization that helped remove legal barriers for the indigent. This experience developed my interest in solving clients' criminal disputes with the government. I am passionate about serving my

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clients in a manner I would want to be served myself. It was this passion that led me to open my own practice and start serving the under-served.

I understand firsthand how exasperating it can be to be pulled over by a police officer, particularly when you believe you were not going over the speed limit. Being pulled over in an Ohio speed trap was the triggering point that caused me to consider the practice of law. It was a frustrating situation that made me question the process and fairness of the system. This frustration is something I do my best to overcome for all my clients, but it is particularly troubling for my commercial, out-of-state, professional and immigrant drivers.

I practice in both Ohio and Kentucky. I'm also qualified to litigate in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio and was sworn into the United States Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. I am blessed to be the mother of a fabulous 6-year-old daughter who gets her red hair from her father's side and won't be allowed to drive until she's 21. Fortunately, I am also blessed with a spectacular husband who will keep her in line when she tries to take the car keys one day.

When You See Flashing Lights In The Rearview Mirror, Call A Lawyer To Protect Your Rights

Whether you have been pulled over for speeding in Kentucky and live in Ohio or your spouse was recently stopped and arrested for DUI/OVI, you can rely on me, Jodie Ganote, to fight aggressively for your rights and to defend your interests. Call my Cincinnati law office at 513-510-3766 or complete an online contact form. I am always available to my clients and can be reached after hours via my cellular phone at 513-739-5634.

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