Protection Against CDL Traffic Violations

Handling Traffic Violations in Ohio and Kentucky

For many of my clients, a traffic violation is not a life-changing event. However, for commercial vehicle and truck drivers, their professional future is at risk. A ticket results in points on a commercial driver's license (CDL). As multiple tickets for speeding or moving violations add up, license suspension could follow. Careers can end and prospects for future employment may become more challenging.

An Ohio Speeding Ticket Attorney With The Experience And Insight To Help You

The threat of license suspension or revocation brings not only career uncertainty, but also fear for a family that relies on a truck driver as their primary wage earner. Having handled all types of traffic-related cases, I combine experience and legal knowledge with insight when taking your case into the Ohio or Kentucky courts. Some jurisdictions will amend moving violations to nonmoving violations; other judicial systems are not open to negotiation. Regardless of the complexity of your case, I will use every available resource to see that you achieve the best possible outcome

Once I identify the specific and unique issues of your speeding ticket case, I will communicate to you the possible success in minimizing the professional impact of the ticket. The stakes are high, and neither of us can afford to hide from the facts. I promise to provide you with candid, straightforward counsel that keeps you fully informed throughout your case.

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