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DUI Defense Attorney in Covington, Kentucky

Like many states, Kentucky takes cases of driving under the influence (DUI) very seriously. A DUI conviction may result in devastating penalties, loss of driver’s license, and other life-changing ramifications for the defendant. If you're facing drunk driving charges, you must immediately retain an aggressive criminal defense attorney to help build your defense. 

At Ganote Law, LLC, we are dedicated to offering personalized legal guidance and reliable representation to clients in their DUI cases. As your partner, we can investigate every last detail of your case and strategize a solid defense to help fight your drunk driving charges. Our skilled attorney will work intelligently to protect your legal rights and help keep your driving record clean. 

Ganote Law, LLC proudly serves clients across Covington, Kentucky, and the greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky areas, including Hamilton, Clermont County, and Butler, Ohio, as well as Campbell, Kenton, and Boone Counties, Kentucky.  

DUI Charges in Kentucky  

Under Kentucky DUI laws, it is an offense to drive or be in physical control of a motor vehicle: 

  • With a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or more (at least 0.04% for commercial drivers). 

  • While under the influence of any controlled substance, alcohol, or a combination of both – that impairs the person's ability to drive. 

  • With any amount of illicit substances, such as methamphetamine and cocaine, in the person's blood. 

You don't need to be driving to get a DUI charge in Kentucky. A law enforcement officer may charge you with DUI just for being in actual physical control of the motor vehicle. A seasoned lawyer can enlighten you about your rights and obligations regarding DUI tests when stopped by the police for alleged drunk driving. 

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Sobriety Tests & Your Rights  

On reasonable suspicion of drunk driving in Kentucky, a law enforcement officer may pull your vehicle over and request that you take field sobriety tests or chemical tests to determine your ability to safely operate a vehicle. 

Field sobriety tests comprise three standardized tests: 

  • One-leg stand test 

  • Walk-and-turn test 

  • Horizontal gaze test 

These are used by law enforcement to determine whether a person's driving ability is impaired. In Kentucky, taking a field sobriety test is voluntary. Also, there are no consequences for refusal. 

In contrast, chemical tests — such as blood, breath, saliva, or urine tests — are usually done to measure the level of alcohol in the person's body or blood. Under Kentucky DUI laws, blood alcohol tests are mandatory. Any driver legally stopped and arrested for drunk driving must submit to a chemical test at the station. Refusing a chemical test may result in automatic license suspension and other administrative penalties. 

Possible Penalties 

Here are some possible penalties and long-term consequences of a DUI offense in Kentucky: 

  • Huge fines and court fees 

  • Lengthy incarceration 

  • Court-imposed license suspension 

  • Probation 

  • Community service 

  • An ignition interlock device 

  • Mandatory attendance at "Drivers Intervention Program." 

  • A criminal record/history 

  • Increased difficulty in getting public benefits 

  • Increased auto insurance rates 

  • Loss of your rights to carry, own, or possess a firearm or gun 

  • Ineligibility to obtain certain financial loans 

  • Loss of scholarships or university acceptance 

  • Increased difficulty in securing new employment, accommodation, or educational opportunities. 

  • Damage to personal and professional relationships 

If you or someone close to you were recently arrested or indicted for drunk driving, you need to get in touch with a highly-skilled DUI defense lawyer immediately. Your attorney can craft the best defenses to fight your charges and help you avoid any far-reaching consequences of a conviction. 

How a Skilled Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help 

A DUI conviction can jeopardize your personal reputation, quality of life, freedom, future, and career opportunities. However, trying to defend your drunk driving allegations on your own could easily increase your chances of suffering the maximum punishment. Therefore, when facing drunk driving charges, hiring a highly-skilled criminal defense attorney is crucial for proper guidance and to help determine your best defenses. 

At Ganote Law, LLC, we have the diligence, skill, and resources to protect individuals wrongfully charged with DUI from the worst possible penalties. Using our in-depth legal understanding, we will help you navigate the state's criminal justice system and represent you intelligently at every phase of the legal process. In addition, we will fight aggressively to uphold your liberty, protect your driving privileges, and increase your chances of a brighter tomorrow. 

DUI Defense Attorney Serving Covington, Kentucky 

If you are facing DUI charges, don't face them alone. Contact Ganote Law, LLC today to schedule a simple case assessment. Our reliable attorney can offer you the aggressive representation and dedicated legal counsel you need in your DUI case. We're proud to represent clients across Covington, Kentucky, and throughout the greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas.