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Ganote the Best Traffic Attorney in The State of Ohio

Attorney Ganote from beginning to the end was professional and swift as well as her staff, they made themselves available to me throughout the moment I made contact and up to the close of my case.

I am a licensed NC CDL school bus driver with several endorsements today. Jodie advised me and saved my career. I was facing job termination because of a citation that I received in the state of Ohio , she was able to get the citation reduced down more than I could have expected. I was able to keep my CDL’s as well as endorsements and continue on into my 21 year of employment with the state of NC .

Grateful !!!


Awesome Attorney

She is an awesome attorney that fights for her clients and she cares about her clients and with her it’s not like notches for her record


Wrong Conviction Reported

Jodie Ganote it’s the best lawyer I’ve ever dealt with , cares about someone situation and works hard for you , she cleared a wrong conviction of a traffic and stood by me till the end an exceptionally knowledgeable lawyer


Jodie Ganote Is Who You Need!

I talk to Jodie and She understood the entire situation and believe me she is one of a kind, will not find a LAWYER that care about you as a person and not a number, she handle this situation with so much professionalism and I never felt in good hands with a lawyer till I met her and I am very pleased with her services and I HIGHYLY RECOMMEND JODIE IN ANY GIVEN SITUATION, Put your trust in her!

Ryanna Irvin

Jodie Is Trutly Amazing in Her Field of Work

Jodie knew right from the start on what was going on, when she was informed about my brother situation. When I tell you we weren't in the court room for more than five minutes and the Case got dismissed..... Jodie is an awesome Lawyer. She will be our go-to she is passionate and determined.

Ryan Irvin

Jodie You Are Awesome

We reached out for a consultation on a speeding ticket issue. Jodie was able to give us sound advice and a clear view of the situation. She totally eased our anxiety with her kindness. She kept our communication open which was awesome


Restraining Order Violation

I had two restraining order violation charge's against me. One in December 2019 and another April of 2020. Jodie handled my case with a lot of compassion and hard work. Had one charge dropped the other one reduced to a disorderly conduct misdemeanor one year probation no jail time. I'm truly blessed to have met and hire Jodie Ganote as my lawyer and representation to this unfortunate situation. I would definitely recommend her services because of her loyalty and compassion as an attorney of law.


Driving Privilege Reinstatement

Besides being a great lawyer! Jodie got my driving reinstatement done in a timely fashion. Unlike other lawyers I dealt with before Jodie was easy to talk to and a great listener. She was passionate yet firm on the subject matter. She not only represented me but encouraged and counseled me as a concerned mother. I highly recommend Jodie! Especially to individuals with troubled past. I guarantee she will meet you where you are in life.


Outstanding Work!

Jodie was extremely professional, courteous, and non-judgmental. While I was prepared to just pay a fine and be done with the issue, she convinced me to let her work the problem. My charges were all dismissed because of her persistence and attention to detail. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome as she far exceeded my expectations!


Went Above and Beyond.

Represented me in a phone harassment and trespassing case. went above and beyond.


Exemplary Representation and Success

Jodie Ganote is an attorney of the absolutely highest skill, integrity, and commitment to the attorney-client relationship. Ms. Ganote employs a staff that matches these commitments to assure that her single-minded determination to her client uncovers the facts and options to completely defend her client and prevail in their interest to the greatest extent possible within the court system.

I recently traveled through Ohio and unfortunately received a “laser ticket” while traveling with the flow but admittedly over the limit.. Thank you, Jodie, for your exemplary representation and success in my case. Any driver in need of your services should have absolute confidence in your pursuit appealing to court for mercy and justice.


Grateful Tennessean

I received a speeding ticket in Kentucky. I thought I was in a 70mph area when in fact I was in a 55mph area. This put me 26 miles over the limit which could be reckless driving. To make matters worse I was an out of state driver & the ticket stated that I needed to appear in court which would have been extremely difficult for me to do. I researched lawyers & chose Jodie which turned out to be one of the best decisions I made. She listened to me calmed my fears & anxiety ( & there was a lot of that) & told me not to worry she would handle it for me. After a few months she was able to get it reduced from reckless driving to 15 miles over & 3 pts. I will be forever grateful to her.



Jodie is an excellent attorney. I was referred to her through Legal Shield, and though I did not know her before this incident she did not disappoint. She knows exactly what she needs to fight for her clients, and will do whatever is necessary to achieve her clients desired outcome. I would absolutely go to her again if ever needed.


Goes Beyond What's Expected

Jodie is not only a very knowledgeable attorney, she is also very caring. her job doesn't end at legal side of things. she also is very caring about the individual and what they are going through. she wants to see the client get beyond what's going on in their life to succeed. she is available whenever needed. she response to inquiries and calls asap. if I ever needed an attorney again, she is DEFINATELY the one I would call. I recommend her highly.


Caring and Professional

Mrs. Jodie Ganote got the job done when I hired her for a traffic ticket I received. She was professional, listened to my concerns, and just knew what was needed to get the job done. I recommend her wholeheartedly. Thank you, Mrs. Jodie Ganote, for taking my case and for your assistance! You have been truly helpful!


Excellent Attorney!

I hired Jodie four times in the past year for the traffic citations my drivers received in OH and KY and was more than satisfied. She had never accepted the case if she wasn't almost sure that she can win. We'll hire her again for sure.


You Will Not Find Better than Jodie Ganote

Jodie is simply the best, the most ethical, most caring, compassionate, professional and knowledgeable lawyer that you could ever find. Jodie is dedicated to working to achieve the best outcome for her clients as she did successfully for my family member. This was a traffic stop that unnecessarily turned into a nightmare. Jodie went above and beyond to resolve the issues, answered all our questions and collected evidence from many sources, including out of state. This was a tremendous amount of work, Jodie was relentless, the Judge dismissed the case. Words do not adequately express our gratitude to Jodie.


Amazing Attorney

Jodie is an amazing attorney. She is a very caring, compassionate person who cares deeply for her clients. She also knows the law very well. We would highly recommend her.



Jodie Ganote is a fantastic lawyer. She proved to the courts that I was the true owner of a car seized by the police. She worked with me to make sure I got my car back. Anyone would do very well to have her as their attorney.


If You Want a Lawyer that Will Fight for You- Jodie Ganote Is the One!

Jodie was recommended to me and after hearing the issue she took the case with out hesitation. My 12 year old daughter was involved in a fight after she had been bullied and was charged with a misdemeanor. Needless to say it has been quite an ordeal for our family. Jodie represented my daughter with professionalism and great care. She never once forgot that her client was a 12 year old child. I am very happy with the resolution of the case and I will never forget what Jodie did for our family. I would recommend her to any and everyone. Jodie gives 100+% to her clients. It is not all about money, she believes in doing what is right.


Best Lawyer I've Ever Dealt With!

I've had multiple speeding tickets for 5 - 15 over the limit on 275, 74, 75, and Jodie has been there for me every time. I was referred to her by my friend William, who received his only 3 tickets within the matter of 6 months. He worked with Jodie and she was able to drop his possible license suspension and he left with just some court fees!

Jodie always responded to me in a timely manner, was always pleasant to deal with, and everyone I come across I recommend her for any of their driving incidents.


Amazing Results and Reasonable Fees.

If you need no nonsense representation in a legal matter ( trial in my case) I feel confident in recommending Jodie Drees Ganote to represent you. If I ever need a lawyer in OH again she's going to be my first call.


Great Communication, Honest. Look No Further!

I’ve had 3 speeding tickets all in a span of 6 months since living in Ohio, and then a driving with license suspended all because of bogus speed traps on 275!! Jodie was a pleasure to deal with and got my license suspension dropped. She was efficient, and was always easily accessible via telephone/email. As someone who values time and a professional myself, I highly recommend her!!

MB Shams

Excellent Lawyer

Jodie is an excellent lawyer who represented me in court. She was able to efficiently and effectively represent me and prove to the jury that I was innocent and wrongly arrested for a DUI. Through out the whole process she was not only professional but very knowledgeable concerning the law. I would definitely refer her to anyone who needs a top notch lawyer. Thanks again for your help.


Would I Recommend Her Definitely

Jodie, was caring she was there from the start. Listened to what happened to me. Went right after the evidence and contacted everyone involved. Recovered the evidence. Was clear and to the point. She saved me and I will never forget her. She stayed on top of my case followed every detail and went right after the evidence that would prove me not guilty. She cared about me from the beginning after months of getting the evidence the court system lost then my arresting officer Jeff of the cheviot police station threw away my evidence. But Jodie was able to get the videos that proved PNC had the evidence on camera. She proved I was not guilty and so did my judge. Would I recommend her definitely. She never missed a beat went after my evidence. Got it all together. She won my case. I will miss her and she treated me like her own kid. She is caring, direct, and gets the job done.


Very Good Lawyer

I was court pointed Jodie Ganote back in 2011, she done a remarkable job on my cases in Cinci court. She was able to talk to the judges and prosecutors and get my sentence reduced to practically time served. If I ever have criminal problems again I would hire Ms. Gonote.


Refused to Charge Me for Something I Could Do Myself!

I received a traffic ticket following a collision that was not my fault. I called Jodie and asked for her help. Rather than charge me a fee for something simple enough that it didn't really require an attorney, she gave me instructions for how to argue it myself. I appeared in court, followed her instructions, and the case was dismissed!

Any attorney can help win a case, but only someone with real integrity would turn a free phone consultation into a free win in court. HIGHLY recommended!

Jeff Drake

Determined to Deliver “peace of Mind” Professionally! You Are Truly the Best Jodi! Thank You!

From the first call we made to Jodi, we immediately felt a spirit of “Peace”. She was patient, concerned and very caring. Her ultimate goal was to bring us resolution and understanding. She was emotionally pleasant to talk to, which made us feel very comfortable opening up with her, in regards to our legal matter. Jodi is very knowledgeable of the court system, and explained everything to us before, during and after the case. We battled for years trying to get this legal matter resolved. Jodi was able to get the issue resolved within a month’s time. She is Reliable! Thank you Jodi! We Love You!


Expired License Citation Nightmare

Jodie got done with a phone call and email what I couldn't do for weeks.

Heather Ann McGuire

To Such a Kind Hearted Jodie Ganote the Life I Live Not Would Be Impossible without Her!

I met Ms.Ganote back in 2015. She was given to me by the courts to be my public defender. I couldn't be more greatful that God let such a caring person into my life considering the circumstances I was in during that time. Long story short I became an addict in 2015 an I don't know how I could have done it without Jodie. I couldn't believe how much a stranger I've never met could have such a huge impact on my life... She helped me as much as she could to make sure I did everything that needed to be done. She was there for me through two rehabs which was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do until eventually rehab was unsuccessful and I ended up in jail. Even through that she was there for me as much as she could be. I just think she is a really great intelligent compassionate person that you can't find just anywhere she has made a great impression and has been a great inspiration in my life an I will never forget her..... Without her I wouldn't be 11 months sober now.


Legal Counsel at Its Finest!

It was an absolute pleasure having been represented by Ms. Jodie Ganote. Jodie is a very caring person that is highly devoted not only to her professional competency, but also the feelings of her clients. I feel that she went above and beyond any expectations that I may have had. With the charges that I was facing, and considering my prior record, I was looking at the possibility of 3 or more years in prison. Jodie handled all of my charges in the appropriate fashion. She traveled to the different jurisdictions in which my charges were and was very successful at reducing/disposing many of them. On my felony charge, Jodie was able to get me a very reasonable alternative sentence. She was able to get me into a 6 month residential treatment program (River City). This was far better than 3+ years in prison. After all I needed treatment for my alcoholism, not incarceration. I felt like our relationship was very personable. It was like having a good friend as my attorney. I highly recommend Jodie to anyone that needs legal counsel. I pray to the Lord that I never walk back down the path of the justice system, but if I ever do I know for a fact who the first person I will be calling.. Ms. Jodie Ganote


I Am Truly Blessed to Have Contacted Attorney Ganote

Attorney Ganote was very professional from the moment we met. She also was very knowledgeable concerning the law. Needless to say I was found not quilty of the charge that was given to me in one of the most strict counties around. I would definitely refer her to my peers. Thanks again for your help,and may God bless you.


Call Jodie Before any Others

Jodie was responsive to my initial call and to every subsequent call thereafter. I needed someone who knew the Allen county "system" and who fully understood my case. She advocated diligently on my behalf and provided me with the information I needed to successfully achieve the goals I initially communicated to her. Prompt, professional, courteous and truly had my best interests in mind throughout all of my interactions with her. I highly recommend reaching out to her!


A Real Blessing

I was lucky enough to get Jodie as my public defender. She worked so hard to get me alternative sentencing. She held my hand through the whole process.


Best Ever

I had a slippery criminal case brought on by false accusations and she got to the bottom of it quickly and resolved the matter with a dismissal. She is very prompt polite and professional. I'd recommend her to anyone.

E. Bullock

Speeding Ticket

I called Ms. Ganote because of a speeding ticket I was issued in northern Cincinnati. She explained that she may be able to get the speed on the ticket reduced, but it would depend on which county the ticket was issued through. I was hoping she could get an equipment charge instead of speeding, so I was a bit disappointed. In hindsight, she didn't want to make any promises and not deliver, which demonstrates that she has integrity. She also explained that she had a flat rate for handling the case for me. I thought her fee was reasonable and hired her. She stated she takes her via credit card. I was a little hesitant about this as I had never met her in person, but she promptly e-mailed me a receipt. She said she would take care of it from there and that I wouldn't have to drive back to Cincinnati and show up at court. On the day of my court appearance, she appeared in my place and called me right after to let me know that she met with the prosecutor and was able to get my ticket reduced to an equipment charge! No points and no speeding on my record!! I went online to the courts website and just as she said, my speeding ticket was amended to an equipment charge. Although I never met her in person, I would definitely recommend her.


Finest Lawyer and Would Recommend to Everyone.

Hi am kumar. When i had first spoken to Jodie, i felt relaxed with the way she explained me everything with my traffic citation. Everything is new to me in the court, She had helped me everything with legal processes and also sometimes gave her personal time. She used to give me more positive energy everytime when i had conversation and finally when my trail date had come, am happy with the court decision and my ticket was dismissed. The groundwork done by Jodie was amazing and she proved to be a best lawyer. The lawyer fee was reliable and as said and quoted before. I will recommend Jodie to all, where she can prove with her result ,silence, Positive energy and Passinate in Job.

Thanks Jodie. You are the best.


I Would Highly Recommend Jodie Ganote!

I reached out to Mrs. Ganote one afternoon needing assistance dealing with a criminal matter involving an allege violation of a TPO. I explained to her about what I was dealing with in Domestic Relations relating to the same matter. Jodie the entire time was very empathetic to my situation, she offered good sound legal advice and never once did she not have things under control. Jodie was very communicative always looking out for my best interest. I would highly recommend Jodie Ganote as an attorney. She is a very professional that is also kind, respectful, patient and caring. I have dealt with my share of lawyers the past 5 years and these quality traits are extremely hard to find.


A Lawyer Who Really Cares

When I was involved in an accident while driving a semi thru Cincinnati OH I didn't know what to do. So after talking to several CDL lawyers who wanted to much money and a couple of lawyers in northern KY I was advised to get a lawyer that practices in Cincinnati. So I googled lawyers in Cincinnati and Jodie's name was at the top of the list. After reading her reviews I called her and hired her to represent me. Jodie went above and beyond what I thought she would do to help get my ticket dismissed in court. She is the lawyer you want to represent you in court. I would highly recommend her!!!


5 Star Prompt Legal Service

Jodie Ganote was extremely competent in providing excellent legal advice. A thoughtful careful listener, very helpful and concerned when answering questions and meeting my needs as a client. Follow-up to my issue was prompt, with a profound attention to detail in resolving my issue. A caring and compassionate lawyer, one I would highly recommend.


Jodie Ganote Is Most Definitely the One You Want on Your Side!

Jodie Ganote did exactly as she said her heart, mind, and soul would do as I looked for legal help concerning a traffic ticket. When I read her history and what led her into this career in helping those who find themselves with some legal issues concerning traffic tickets and passing through from out of state, I had a strong feeling that she was the one I needed for help. I was from out of state passing through coming from helping out my elderly parents and tremendously stressed out and tired. Then I had to make that long journey to get back to my wife and kids. I certainly did not wake up that morning thinking I wanted to just go out and get a traffic ticket in Ohio. When I finally got home in North Carolina, I did some research on NCDOT's website to find out this state's laws only to find more that this is one of the most heavily penalty states to include an automatic 30 day suspension of driving priviledges even for first time offenders. And yes, the states do communicate to each other in reporting traffic tickets. I had to do something; had to get help. I couldn't drive back and forth for 12 hours one way to go to defend myself or try to plea my case down to include me not knowing the legal lingo. I called her and she immediately knew the predicament I was in and said she could help. Long story short, she stood up for me and represented me and ended up helping me out so much that I appreciate everything she did. I know that Jodie Ganote had to have gotten these results from being knowledgeable and trustworthy. She kept me informed through the whole process and kept my stress levels in check because she was with me all the way. To be able to have that trust is an incredible thing and she proved beyond a shadow of doubt that she is trustworthy. I am able to keep my license, learn my own lessons, and keep my auto insurance in check. I can't say enough about how great and awesome she was and is. She made me feel like she was my own sister going through this together and made me feel blessed to have her. I still feel blessed.


A God Send!

I am so thankful that I was represented by Jodi. She is compassionate, understanding, thorough and genuinely invested in the well being of her clients. She didn't just value me as her client, she valued me as a person and I can't thank her enough for that. Even after my case ended she continued to help and advise me!

Know that you are a lucky person if Jodi Drees Ganote is your lawyer!

Mr. Van Zandt

We Won Our Case

I had an issue where I needed to hire a lawyer. I was recommended to Ms. Ganote and I hired her. BEST THING I EVER DID! She was AMAZING! She was very professional, she always there for me when I needed her. She listened to me. Jodie actually cared about what was going on. We won our case! Thank you so so much, Jodie! If I ever need another lawyer (God forbid) she will be who I hire!

Kimberly Watkins

She Spoke to Us on A Level We Could Fully Comprehend

We engaged Jodie to represent my daughter in traffic court. She immediately instilled a sense of confidence in her ability to effectively work with local officials and resolve the case with no points. Additionally, she spoke to us on a level we could fully comprehend. Jodie ultimately turned our anxiety about the situation into an opportunity to work with a highly competent attorney on a realistic action plan. We highly recommend her.

Mama D

I Would Recommend Her

I was referred to Jodie to help me with 2 outstanding cases in KY that were stopping me from getting my OH license reinstated. She really knew what to do and always followed through. She respected me and talked about the things I was facing in a way I could understand. I would recommend her to anyone who needs an honest and competent attorney to represent them.


Case Was Dismissed

Jodie was my son's lawyer in a traffic case that could have ended badly. She fought for him and the case was dismissed. Very reasonable fee and very professional. I would recommend her to anyone needing a great lawyer.

Phyllis Ryan

Amazing to Work With

Jodi was amazing to work with. She clearly cares about your individual situation and is passionate about what she does. I would suggest her for anything that is related to driving.

Kyle Marsh

Personable, Timely, Professional, and Knowledgeable

I found Ganote Law to be personable, timely, professional, and knowledgeable. Though the outcome of legal matters are uncertain, Ganote Law was able to represent me to a favorable conclusion. Had things not gone my way, my opinion of Ganote Law would be the same.

Craig Welch

I Would Give More than Five Stars

I recommend Jody and this Law Firm and if I could I would give more than five stars they deserve a 10 star review they help me save my driver's license help me in a jam they're very professional and caring and they actually listen to you unlike other law firms around in this area they really listen to you I would recommend them first before any other law firm in fact I would not even recommend another Law Firm except for this one so if you're in a jam give them a call you won't go wrong

The Under Ground Channel Ground

Very Effective

Jodie Ganote came thru for me and is very pleasant to work with. I needed her to handle an expungement, and she did so very effectively.

Andy Moses

Highly Recommend

Absolutely amazing the legal services I received from Ganote Law firm. Reasonable fee for representing me and received a great outcome in my case. Iwas facing two charges related to an accident and Jodie was able to get the more serious charge dropped and I pleaded to the lesser charge which only resulted in a fine and court cost. I would highly recommend the services of Ganote Law.

Christopher Maier


Really appreciated there honesty about my case. Also liked there willingness to answer my question. She didnt promise me anything, yet got the results i desired.

Nick Robinson


an excellent and caring attorney. Jodie is a life-saver and if she is your attorney you should count yourself lucky because she will care about the outcome of your case...!


Amazing Lawyer

Amazing lawyer to call for representing. I had a pretty significant charge/ticket and she helped me avoid a suspension!!

Olivia Heilshorn

Very Nice

She help me very quickly and was very nice

Steve Slisko